Magazine PDF file "The Rottweiler in the World" 2016-2


FR World Winner Show 2016 by Erika Stepanauskienė 3
IFR World Winner Show 2016 by Maryla Makomasky 6
IFR World Winner Show 2016 by Jouni Nummela 8
Lithuania Club Winner show 2016 20
American Rottweiler Club, 7th National Sieger Show by Steve Wolfson 22
CKURK Nachang, Jiangi show, China by Bianka Miksic Kasun 26
10th Croatia Club Winner show by Erika Stepanauskienė 32
Russian Club Sieger and “Tver Cup 2016” shows by Erika Stepanauskienė 36
Russian Club Sieger and “Tver Cup 2016” shows by Siegmund Trebschuh 38
Chengdu, China by Dirk Vandecasteele 42
BRK CAC show, Rummen by Kathleen Vos 46
KRI East Jawa Region show, Indonesia 48
Rottweiler puppy in the war 52
IFR IPO World Championship 2016, Finland by Tero Oravasaari 54
IFR IPO World Championship 2016, Finland by Vesa Laaksonen 56
30th Anniversary Sieger show Chicago, USA by Erika Stepanauskienė 58
Report on Temperament test, Schweizerischer Rottweilerhunde Club by Walter Horn 60
Kepala - Australia, animal resort by Samanta Bradley 64
National d’Elevage UFR 2016, France by Kathleen Vos 68
IPO National Championship 2016 UFR, France by Dirk Vandecasteele 74
School Day by Erika Stepanauskiene 76
BRK Klubsieger 2016, Rummen by Kathleen Vos 78
RWBA 33th annual breed championship show by Dirk Vandecasteele 82
Pameran KRI Bali 2016, Indonesia by Erika Stepanauskiene 86
KRI Trawas – Pasuruan Jawa show, Indonesia by Erika Stepanauskiene 88

- is a publication by the facto association “International Federation of Rottweilerfriends”
- will be published 2 time a year. Reservation is made to change the frequency of publication.

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