Character test at the IFR World Show - the routines

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

The news that the title of World Winner can only be awarded to a dog that passed a character test on the day before the show was very well received and was even loudly applauded as it is a rule meant to recognize, preserve and reward the complete Rottweiler.

Of course, being a novelty, questions arose as to what participants must expect when they enter their dogs for the test.  

Let me assure you that the routine of the test was not chosen without thought, in fact we consciously chose for a routine that has been tested time and again at the annual clubshows of the Italian Rottweiler Club.     Video’s of these routines are freely available on the internet, especially on “youtube” and an example of such a video might be this one : “ click “ (I stress that I only refer to this video to illustrate the routine, without expressing myself in any way about the dog and/or its work !).

Another video is the one that was made on 15.12.2019, in particular to illustratie the routines : click.    This video shows a sport dog that is trained and trialled at the highest level but again, it is only meant to show the routines of the test and is not intended to show the quality of work that is needed to pass the test.   

Let me assure you that what the judges must and will look for is not the level of training of the dogs or their ability to score high at trials but is the presence of the natural drives of the working dog !  

We hope that your dogs will be entered at the IFR World Show in large numbers and especially that you will also enter them to participate this test.    That way we can and will show and prove to the world that the Rottweiler is not just a show dog but indeed a complete utility dog and not just in words but also in deeds !      As I’ve said before : Facta … non verba.

With friendly greetings,

D. Vandecasteele.