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IFR World Show 2018 Argentina

We hear that 180 entries are registred for the IFR World Show 2018 in Argentina (13 - 14 oktober) and look forward to a great show with thorough and fair judging, a perfect opportunity for all lovers of the breed to enjoy and promote the Rottweiler as the great dog he is.  

I wish the judges rings brimming with excellent dogs but above all I hope and dare to insist that their judgments will not just select the most beautifull dog but will hold a message, the message that the Rottweilerbreed is a healthy utility-breed, averse from extremities and that what makes him "beautifull" is not defined by personal preferances but by the FCI-breed standard, to be understood as the very characteristics that make the Rottweiler fit to function and be the versatile breed it is : the Rottweiler is in body and in mind, physically and mentally ... always and everywhere and also in the showring : a healthy working dog !    

To the organisation : my sincere thanks,.  To all participants : success.   To the breed : a bright future !

Dirk Vandecasteele.

Facta non verba ... the IFR is livelier than ever ... .

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

Our Federation is livelier than ever before.  We receive many responses and all are strongly positive.


IFR World Championship IPO III ABC 2018 - the Netherlands

We look back on a very successful World Championship, a true feast in honour of the Rottweiler as a healthy utility breed !   There were not less than 65 entries and we witnessed a fair and strong competition, well organized by our Rottweiler friends of the Netherlands and for which our sincere thanks.  More info and details will follow shortly.    

The results :

Judges ... please be aware of the dangers of social media !

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

On the evening before the IFR World Championship IPO 2018,  so on the eve before we will celebrate the breed as a healthy utility breed, I was contacted by several Rottweiler lovers concerning photo’s that were recently published on social media.  

Some of these again show dogs with such extreme features that they can honestly no longer be judged under the FCI-standard.  There was even a video of a pup whose physical and genetic health may be questioned at first sight !   


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