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IFR World Winner show 2016 - Lithuania 2015.07.28

21-22 of May, 2016 Druskininkai Lithuania. Registration Started !

Marylia Makomaski (France)
Ramune Kazlauskaite (Lithuania)
Jouni Nummela (Finland)

Reserve judge:
Pedro Pujals Prat (Spain)
Lithuania Club Winner show : May 20th Judge.Vinicio Di Paolo (Argentina)
More info: http://ifrshow2016.lt

Online entry http://online-entry.eu

IFR World Championship IPO III - 2016 Finland 2015.07.28



FCI World Championship IPO lll 2015.09.16

Great representation of Rottweiler and IFR 

Mari Kolkkala  with Boxlee Hangman  from Finland at  FCI Worldchampionship all breeds with great result: 95 93 85
IFR World Championship IPO III - 2015 Italy 2015.06.16

9-10-11 of October 2015 - Padua, Italy

Team Winner: Sweden team
Full results

Event website: www.ifr2015.it




Main Winners:

- Asuncion Gomez Vilarroya with Felina aus der Espenstätte 98/90/91 Total: 279
Daleo Madeleine with Just Ask Yale 96/95/88 Total: 279
3.Italy -
Dario Como with Fedor vom Hause Real 94/92/91  Total: 277

Magazine NR1-2015 is ready for orders 2015.04.30
IFR World Winner 2015 - Czech Republic 2014.01.28

May 16-17  in Roudnice nad Labem.
Full results on:







The Opinion of the SRC concerning the termination of cooperation through the ADRK 2015.02.09

The Opinion of the SRC concerning the termination of cooperation through the ADRK

On the 23rd of December 2014 the ADRK reported to the SRC that in 2015, they will no longer take up Rottweiler’s of the SRC in the ADRK breed book and will no longer acknowledge titles awarded by the SRC. This decision by the ADRK board was published in the issue no. 1/2015 of "The Rottweiler" magazine.

The SRC believes that this information was objectively described, however only reflects the views of the ADRK. Needless to say, in such cases, there are always different views of things; in this case, the view of the SRC was not given any appreciation. Thereafter, the extended SRC board decided to make public the perspectives of the SRC. 

Read the full text here in pdf-format..


Stellungnahme des SRC zur Aufkündigung der Zusammenarbeit durch den ADRK

Der ADRK hat dem SRC am 23. Dezember mitgeteilt, dass ab 2015 die Aufnahme von Rottweilern des SRC in das ADRK-Zuchtbuch nicht mehr erfolgen und auch Titel, vergeben vom SRC, nicht mehr geführt werden können. Dieser Entscheid des ADRK-Vorstandes wurde in der Ausgabe Nr. 1/2015 „Der Rottweiler“ öffentlich gemacht.
Der SRC ist der Meinung, dass diese Information zwar sachlich ausgefallen ist, aber nur die Sicht des ADRK reflektiert. Wie immer in solchen Fällen, gibt es aber auch eine andere Sicht der Dinge, in diesem Fall diejenige des SRC. Der erweiterte SRC-Vorstand hat deshalb beschlossen die Sichtweise des SRC auch öffentlich zu machen.

Hier finden Sie den vollständigen Tekst.

img   More
The upcoming IFR World Championships 2015.01.10

The dates of the upcoming IFR Events :

Italy : 09 - 10 - 11 october 2015 : http://www.ifr2015.it/

IFR World Winner show: Lithuania - May
World Championship Finland : 22- 25.09.2016.

IFR World Winner show - Serbia
World Championship - Belgium

IFR World Winner show - Argentina
World Championship - Holland


Second edition of "The Rottweiler in the World" is ready for ordering 2014.12.05


The first edition of our IFR magazine "The Rottweiler in the World" proved to be a succes !!  

The second issue of 2014 is now ready to be ordered.   

Even if we say so ourselves ... its content is exciting, interesting, instructive ... in short :

it is a magazine you really do not want to miss !

Both editions can be ordered by clicking the photo of the cover.     

Payment is possible by PayPal or by creditcard.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

IFR World Championship 2014 Switzerland October 23-25 2013.10.23

 IFR IPO3 World Winner 2014:
Mari Kolkkala with Boxlee Hangman

Team Winner : Finland

Full Results

More: http://www.ifr2014.ch/index.php

50 years military dogs in the Austrian army50 years military dogs in the Austrian army 2014.08.06
IFR  World Winner 2014 - ItalyIFR World Winner 2014 - Italy 2013.09.26
ADRK Termination ADRK Termination 2013.12.12
17th IFR-Congress 23th May 2013 in Rodding/Denmark Minutes of Delegates Meeting17th IFR-Congress 23th May 2013 in Rodding/Denmark Minutes of Delegates Meeting
IFR-World Championship 2013 - Spain ResultsIFR-World Championship 2013 - Spain Results 2012.10.24
IFR Worldshow 2013 - Denmark  ResultsIFR Worldshow 2013 - Denmark Results
Helper seminar 2013Helper seminar 2013 2013.02.04
IFR-World Championship 2012IFR-World Championship 2012
FCI and IFRFCI and IFR 2012.06.12
Helper seminar 2012Helper seminar 2012


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