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IFR World Winner 2014 - Italy 2013.09.26

  26th - 27th of  April in town Sarmego, Vicenza, Italy.



Francesco Biondolillo (Italy)
Fernando Lucas Martins (Portugal)
Miomir Marcic (Serbia)
Vinicio Italo Di Paolo (Argentina)
Yvonne Brink (Sweden)


  Info web: www.rottweilerclubitalia.com


Helper seminar 2014 2014.01.17

Dear Friends,

Many clubs are still  interested in the organization of a seminar for IPO-helpers. As already mentioned  in  the  years  before  the  IPO  and  Schutzhund  program  are  indeed  dogsport-programs  but  more  than  this,  they  are  meant  to  recognize,  promote  and  preserve  the characteristics of the working dog and can therefore be an important tool in breed selection.Moreover, these programs allow us to preserve and demonstrate the character-traits of the working dog in a perfect socially acceptable manner. A correct, multi-purposed and modern education for IPO-helpers is however a necessity and can and should take into account the specific characteristics of the Rottweiler.The IFR has therefore decided to help and promote the dog sport for the Rottweiler-amateur byagain organizing a seminar for IPO-helpers.The seminar already took place six times, each time under the direction of Mr. J. Bungarten, a name know to us all and a firm guarantee for more than just an interesting event but for aninstructive, constructive and stimulating education.

The seminar 2014 will take place from Friday, May 23 (arrival date) – Sunday May 25 near the German city of Cologne (Köln), more precisely: Berrenratherstrasse 92, 50354 Hürth-Stotzheim.The seminar will  be conducted by Mr. Bungart. There will be no fee for the participation to the seminar. We await this confirmation and the names, addresses, etc.  .. of the participants by 30 March 2014.

The necessary accommodation for the seminar (training-field and dogs) will be provided forand lodging at low prices is available in nearby hotels (example hotel “Ibis” and others:http://www.accorhotels.com/de/hotel-2167-ibis-koeln-west-frechen/index.shtml ) Meals (breakfast and lunch) will also be provided at low cost at the training field!

IFR World Championshipp 2014 Switzerland October 23-25 2013.10.23

The event will held  23rd - 25th of October in the football stadium "Neuhausen am Rheinfall".

-23 rd opening and training
-24 th -25 th competition.
-On Saturday 25 th  night there will be  party !

The official web page on the IFR Worldchampionship 2014 will be online from early January 2014 at the address : http://www.ifr2014.ch/index.php

IFR World Winner 2015 - Czech Republic 2014.01.28

May 9-10  in Roudnice nad Labem.




ADRK Termination 2013.12.12

  media/File/spanish_ifr_adrk.docx Spanish.doc

PDF English :media/file/adrk/termination adrk(1).pdf 
PDF German: media/file/adrk/termination adrk2.pdf

 Dear Friends,

We look back on 2013 with mixed feelings.     As said in the New Year wishes of the IFR-president Mr. Hoffmann, we enjoyed many successful events and even more constructive contacts, but there was of course also the regrettable news of the ADRK ending its membership of the IFR.

To be honest, for those who are actively involved in the IFR, it was quite shocking to read what was recently published on behalf of the ADRK about its termination of its membership and to see how perceptions or interpretations of facts can differ.
Although we certainly do not want to start a fruitless discussion and sincerely regret the decision of the ADRK to terminate its membership of our International Federation that specifically works in the interest of the Rottweiler as precisely defined by the ADRK, an answer is called for and our members are entitled to it. 


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17th IFR-Congress 23th May 2013 in Rodding/Denmark Minutes of Delegates Meeting

Minutes of Delegates Meeting


Spanish:   media/File/Spanish.doc             

German:  media/File/de.docx


IFR-World Championship 2013 - Spain Results 2012.10.24

The location of the Worldchampionship was on  the fair grounds Galicia Green Week in Silleda (Pontevedra),  October 19 -20, 2013.

We thank the Spanish club for their warm hospitality, great work and a successful event ! 

Our congratulations for the Winners !

Individual competition :

IFR Worldchampion 2013 : Henkrik Neuman with Stromhaus Cronus - Denmark 286 points
2nd place  : Dario Como with Fedor vom Hause Real - Italy  284 points
3rd place   : Asuncion Gomes Villaroya with Felina von der Espenstatte - Spain 284 points
4th place   :
Riikka Railo with Boxlee Freaky -Finland 284 points

Team competition :

Worldchampion team : Finland - 828 points
2nd place : Italy 825 points
3rd place  : Denmark 799 points

For the complete results, click here:

The championship website www.ifr-ipo2013.es 

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Judges seminar 2013 2013.07.03

The  Judges meeting will take place the day before the ADRK-clubshow, more precisely on Friday 16.08.2013 at 14.00 h. at the trainingfield of the local BG Rottweiler – Süd (cfr. For more info and road-directions : http://www.rottweil-sued.de ).

Although not obligatory but wishful for the organization, we hereby publish an entry form. Please use it, it will enable us to better prepare the meeting. Entry


IFR Worldshow 2013 - Denmark Results









Junior males:
Gofast Des Princeces D’aragones  - IFR YOUTH WORLD WINNER 2013 – RKD KLBJCH

Junior females:
Laguna Is Rojaus Slenio  -                 IFR YOUTH WORLD WINNER 2013 – RKD KLBJCH
Intermedia males:

Jeff vom Hause Neubrand  -               IFR YOUTH WORLD WINNER 2013

Intermedia females:
Flora House of of Lazic -                     IFR YOUTH WORLD WINNER 2013

Champion males:
Imperator vom Hause Zschammer       IFR WORLD WINNER  2013- RKD KLBCH
Champion females:
Boa vom Hause Edelstein-                  IFR WORLD WINNER 2013- RKD KLBCH

For all results and critiques, please,  press here

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Helper seminar 2013 2013.02.04

The seminar already took place five times already, each time under the direction of Mr. J. Bungarten, a name known to us all and a firm guarantee for more than just an interesting event but for an instructive, constructive and stimulating education.
The seminar 2013 will take place from 10-12 may 2013 near the german city of Köln, more precisely : Berrenratherstrasse 92 50354 Hürth-Stotzheim.
We urge all member-clubs to confirm us that they are interested in participating the seminar and send us one or more helpers.There will be no fee for the participation to the seminar itself, but travel- and lodging-costs etc. … are paid by the participants or their clubs.
We await this confirmation and the names, adresses of the participants by 15.03.2013.
Please send this information to all your members by publication on your website and/or in your magazine, especially also to all those members that are active in dogsport.
We assure you that the IFR-board will see to it that the seminar will be organized in a correct way, will be more than worth the participation and will help us all to found a strong but sound and more uniform base for the worldwide Rottweiler breedselection and education.

The Rottweiler deserves this, we are sure you will agree.
Entry form here:
President letter:

IFR-World Championship 2012IFR-World Championship 2012
FCI and IFRFCI and IFR 2012.06.12
Helper seminar 2012Helper seminar 2012
IFR Worldshow 2012 - SpainIFR Worldshow 2012 - Spain
Der Kongress der IFR im Mai 2011 in Moskau brachte wichtige NeuigkeitenDer Kongress der IFR im Mai 2011 in Moskau brachte wichtige Neuigkeiten 2012.01.04
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IFR Worldchampionship 2012 - Rottweil GermanyIFR Worldchampionship 2012 - Rottweil Germany 2011.11.02
IFR Worldchampionship  2011 - ItalyIFR Worldchampionship 2011 - Italy 2011.10.31


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